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Why our clients love us

What can you say when professionalism, thoroughness meets great value. Well that's what i found with Maid a Mess. I'm extremely difficult to impress yet after my 1st service i'm beyond thrilled and certain I've found my go to home cleaning service. On top of the great work they are so kind and professional. You can really tell they are focused on providing top notched service and that they did. Trust me...if you need a cleaning service without hesitation you should contact Maid a Mess. I'm a repeat customer from here forward.

Tania H.

November 5,2019


Linda R.

November 12, 2019


After trying several cleaning services since moving to phoenix two years ago, with absolutely disastrous results, I was given a referral for Maid a Mess. I didn't know what to expect, and was so pleased with their services i want to tell anyone looking for a professional, reliable, and thorough cleaning service, look no further. My home sparkles and i am very picky about my home. They are fabulous !!

Stacey showed up on time which is rare now a days. She has a fantastic attitude and a wonderful work ethic. She listens to your concerns and handles it. She has an outstanding personality and is a very professional and dedicated to what she does. Her rates are more than fair. I know that i will be using her again and if you are looking for a quality job and person my advice would be reach out to her. You will not be disappointed.

Brian A.

November 4, 2019


Chris H.

November 12,2019


Excellent team! They showed on time and did a great job! They even brought my dogs treats! The ladies were really nice and not only cleaned everything but they also straightened up! Huge help for a single dad with a big house! Thank you;)

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